Kriselle has worked for companies as a web content specialist and lifestyle article writer. She has also written featured articles for various establishments such as hotels and resorts, bar and restaurants, and more. Along with this, she has also been a social media manager and has experience as a transcriptionist.

She delved into freelance writing so she can help more individuals and companies to craft their words effectively. Her specialty is to write convincing, motivating, and persuasive articles that are guaranteed to catch and maintain each reader’s interests.

She now manages her own lifestyle and personal growth blog which aims to empower and inspire people through different personal stories and motivational posts.

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  • How And Why I Got Tired Of Rushing My Way Through Life

    July 30, 2019 by

    I was in a rat race with no finish line in sight. Published: Medium “Make sure you finish your studies and graduate at the right time — no delays. Then head straight to finding a job. Go work your way up the corporate ladder until you reach the highest position. If you’ve reached it, work… Read more

  • How To Reach Your Ultimate Potential In 5 Simple Ways

    July 31, 2019 by

    Published: Kronicles Are you in a position in life where you are contented and satisfied? Do you wake up each and every day fulfilled and grateful with all you have? If you do, then I am genuinely happy for you. If not, do not worry, life still has so much in store for you. Most… Read more

  • Gaze-Masked video chat with strangers

    July 30, 2019 by

    A Fun & Safe Way to match with strangers Published: Gaze @ App Store Apple store description: Gaze is a free video chatting app which allows you to match and talk with random people online, ensuring SAFETY and PRIVACY with our mask effect feature!  Gaze aims to provide a safe, friendly, and fun live video… Read more

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